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2015 European Championships | WAG All Around Final

Rotation 1
THORSDOTTIR Eythora (NED) VT: FTY (small step, close to the table)
FRAGAPANE Claudia (GBR) UB: flight element, toe-on full to pak, toe-on, shoot to hb, double layout (big step back)
MARTINS Ana Filipa (POR) BB: flip layout step-out, full turn in split (big wobble), front aerial, …

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2015 European Championships | WAG Qualifying Subdivision 4

Rotation 1

FELDON Tzuf (ISR) VT: Tsukahara piked
PRAVDINA Kristina (AZE) BB: arabian (fall), she seems to have injured herself and doesn’t finish the routine
MARQUES DE LIMA Zoi Mafalda (POR) FX: double pike, back 3/2 twist to front layout full, back 5/2 twist dismount
NETZER Ofir (ISR) VT1: …

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2015 European Championships | WAG Qualifying Subdivision 3


CARMONA URBANO Ainhoa (ESP) VT: FTY (big hop back)
KHARENKOVA Maria (RUS) UB: inside stalder full, komova 2 to pak, shap, inside stalder half to jäger, full-in
GEBESHIAN Houry (ARM) BB: back somi, wolf full, back double twist
DZIDZIGURI Nato (GEO) FX: fall on double back piked, …

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2015 European Championships | WAG Qualifying Subdivision 2

Barbora Mokosova (SVK) VT: FTY
Vaida Zitineviciute (LTU) UB: shoot to hb, giant full to tkatchev, stop, double front dismount (fall backwards)
Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) FX: double layout (bot low), full-in (chest low), high double back, switch leap half, tour jete half ring, double pike (big …

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2015 European Championship: WAG Qualification Subdivision 1

The European Championships 2015 are being held in Montpellier, France. There will only be a competition for the seniors, men and women. There will be no team competition. Today, the women have their qualification for the all around and the event finals. The competitors are …

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2014 Women’s Junior Europeans: preview and predictions


Nora Schuler also contributed to this preview.
The 2014 European Championships are full Europeans, with both a junior and a senior team competition. The Europeans at the middle of the quad are important to pay attention to, for the future Olympians in 2016. Junior gymnasts in Sofia were born …

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Mustafina Speaks

Russia’s Aliya Mustafina is one of the biggest current stars of gymnastics. She took the world by storm in 2010, came back from a serious knee injury to become the most decorated gyymnast at the London Olympics and had a very successful 2013. Moreover, Mustafina …

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All About Artistry

Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS)

Artistry, or the lack thereof, is one the hottest topics in gymnastics. Bemoaning the demise of artistry – in combination with the assurance that everything was much better in the 80s – is something of full-time job for a lot of gym …

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2013 World Championships: Event Finals Day 2

Antwerp, Belgium – Last day of the competition with men’s vault, parallel bars and high bar finals; and Women’s balance beam and floor finals.
Men’s High Bar final:
MIKULAK Samuel (USA): cassina, kolman (close), hop 3/2 to mix, adler half to moznik (slow front giant after), adler …

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2013 World Championships: Event Finals Day 1

Antwerp, Belgium – Welcome to the first day of EF at 2013 World Championships. Today’s finals are Men on FX, PH and SR; and Women on VT and UB.
Men’s Still Rings final
AIT SAID Samir (FRA): felge bw to planche, maltese to inverted cross, front uprise …

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