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Guest Editorial: Temple Men’s Gymnastics

Editor’s note: On December 6, 2013, the administration of Temple University announced that it would be cutting the men’s gymnastics program, along with six other athletic programs. The following brief history of the Temple men’s programs was written by Tom Gibbs, a former Temple gymnast …

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2013 World Championships: Event Finals Day 2

Antwerp, Belgium – Last day of the competition with men’s vault, parallel bars and high bar finals; and Women’s balance beam and floor finals.
Men’s High Bar final:
MIKULAK Samuel (USA): cassina, kolman (close), hop 3/2 to mix, adler half to moznik (slow front giant after), adler …

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2013 World Championships: Event Finals Day 1

Antwerp, Belgium – Welcome to the first day of EF at 2013 World Championships. Today’s finals are Men on FX, PH and SR; and Women on VT and UB.
Men’s Still Rings final
AIT SAID Samir (FRA): felge bw to planche, maltese to inverted cross, front uprise …

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2013 World Championships: Men’s All Around Final

LIKHOVITSKIY Andrey (BLR) FX: front double twist, Wu Guonian, 3/2 twist to front full, double twist, Fedorchenko, 5/2 twist
OYAKAWA MARIANO Arthur (BRA) PH: scissors to HS, circles on one pommel to fall, Magyar, Sivado, Russians travellings to triple russian, Wu GUonia, triple Russian (open legs) to …

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2013 World Championships Men’s Qualifying: Subdivision 3

Antwerp, Belgium
Welcome to the third and final subdivision of today (please note, that there will be a forth subdivision tomorrow morning). This should be an interesting finish to the first day of competiton, as some exciting gymnasts will be in this division. Like Kohei Uchimura, …

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2013 World Championships Men’s Qualifying: Subdivision 2

Antwerpen, Belgium –
WHITLOCK Max (GBR) HB: stalder 3/2, adler full to yamawaki, quast, rybalko, adler, double twisting double layout, 14.600
KUMAR Ashish (IND) FX:  3/2 to double front, front full to double twist (oob), Japanese handstand, 3/2 twist to front double twist, triple twist
RAMOS RIVERA Angel (PUR) HB: yamawaki half, …

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2013 World Championships Men’s Qualifying: Subdivision 1

115421 WK GYMNASTIEK filip 03

2013 World Championships
Men’s Qualifying: Subdivision 1
Rotation 1
Szabo, Nandor (HUN) FX: Triple twist, 2 1/2-front half, whip- back
half, 1 1/2-front full, double arabian jump forward.
Kameyama, Kohei (JPN) PH:
Radovesnicky, Daniel (CZE) PB: Peach, Bilozertchev, Diamidov, double pike step.
Kenis, Daan (BEL) HB: Adler 1/2- Yamawaki, fall, full out …

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Nabieva, Stolyarov win Russian Cup

Tatiana Nabieva (St. Petersburg) and Dmitri Stolyarov (Moscow) won the all-around titles at the 2013 Russian Cup, held in Penza 17-21 August. The country’s top stars – Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina, Ksenia Afanasyeva, Denis Ablyazin, David Belyavskiy, Emin Garibov and Nikolai Kuksenkov – had been …

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Editorial: Professional Gymnastics Challenge? No. Just no.

Jade Barbosa (BRA)

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The Professional Gymnastics Challenge was probably very well meant but it was also the opposite of well done.
The idea is not new and there have been a couple of previous attempts – all …

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European Outlook


European vision?
European gymnastics emerged from post-Olympic hibernation in mid-April in Moscow. The official title of this competition is quite a mouthful “The 5th European Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships”. The title of European AA champion has, however, been awarded since 1957 (WAG) …

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