2012 Europeans: Junior Qualifications Subdivision 1

Good morning from Brussels. Junior qualifications start at 13:00 (CET Time) with Romania in the first subdivision.

Rotation 5

Great Britain BB

Hockenhull -wolf jump – scissone, free aerial – flic, switch leap, switch 1/2, turn, free cartwheel (tiny wobble), side somi, side split jump, ro – double back off (step back).

Romaeo – switch leap – back tuck, illusion turn (nice), turn, flic – layout, front tuck, side split jump, free cartwheel, ro – 2 1/2 (step fwd).

Fellows – back tuck, free aerial – flic – layout, side somi, fall, turn, scissone – split jump, side split jump, ff – ff – double back (step back).

Jupp – switch 1/2, split  wolf, free aerial – flic – layotu (step), double turn, fre cartwheel, switch leap – back tuck, front tuck (wobble), ro – double back off.

Sweden FX

Ayan -double back, 1 1/2 punch front, front 1/1, 2/1 off.

Estberg – double back (step), 2 1/2 (stumbled fwd out of it), swich leap, switch 1/2, Y turn, 1 1/2 punch front, double pike (stuck).

Singmuang – Tsukahara, double arabian, 1 1/2 punch layout, double pike (jump back).

Larsson – double pike, double back, 1 1/2 punch layout (near fall, maybe butt touched the mat), 2 1/2.

Goktekin on vault layout/pike Yurchenko, Chachua on vault and Mrdjenovic on vault, nice handspring front pike.

Romania FX

Stanila – fall on first twisting tumbling pass, 3/1, double back, 2/1.

Zarzu – 2 1/2 punch front punch front, 3/1, double back, double pike off.

Munteanu – 2 1/2 punch front, double pike, double back, 2/1 off.

Aribasoiu – 2 1/2 Y turn, double pike (stuck), double back (big step), double turn, 1 1/2 punch front (big jump fwd), front 1/1 off.

Ukraine BB

Ilnytska -roll mount, front tuck, side somi, switch leap – split jump, free aerial – flic – layout, switch ring leap, front full off.

Kloptsova – free carthwel – flic (big wobble, she saved the fall), free aerial, switch leap – back tuck, onodi (wobble), sheep jump, split – wolf jump, switch ring leap, Y turn (overrotated), ro – 2/1 off.

Vasylieva – free carthweel – layout (fall), free aerial, switch leap – wolf jump, switch 1/2, front tuck, turn, switch ring leap, side somi (fall), ro – double back off.

Matveyeva – free aerial – flic – layout (wobble), front tuck, side somi, switch leap – back tuck, side split jump, split – wolf jump, free cartwheel, front 1/1.

Plyta on vault, Yurchenko in layout (near stick it).

Rotation 4

Great Britain UB

Theaker -toe on – shpaosniokva (tucked legs), Bail, undershoot, clear hip, Tkatchev (low), Tsukahara off.

Romaeo – giant 1/2 – Jaeger (low), clear hip, Tkatchev, short on HS, stadler, Bail (open legs), undershoot, giant 1/1, double layout (piked down).

Fellows – hecht mount, Gienger (nice), Bail, toe on undershoot, clear hip, Tkatchev, giant 1/1, double layout (stuck).

Jupp – fall on pirouette, Gienger, Bail, full twisting double layout.

Sweden BB

Ayan -flic – layout, turn (wobble), side somi, switch leap, side split, ro – 2/1 (overtime).

Estberg – sheep jump, side somi, free aerial – flic – layout (wobble), switch leap – back tuck, turn (check), ff – ff – 2/1 off.

Rumbutis – free aerial – back tuck, switch leap – back tuck, sheep jump (not good), split – scissone – wolf jump, Y turn, side somi, ro – 2/1 off.

Larsson – press mount, free aerial (wobble), flic – layout, split – wolf jump, turn, switch leap – back tuck (wobble), side somi, side split jump, ff – ff – double back (hop fwd).

Ukraine UB

Fedorova – toe on, toe on shaposhnikova, Bail, toe on undershoot, Jaeger, double back off.

Matveyeva – toe on shaposhniova, giant 1/2 – Tkatchev, Bail ( abit short), 1/1 to undershoot, giant 1/2 – piked Jaeger, som short HS, double front off (step fwd), 13.533

Vasylieva – in stalder 1/1 (late)(, toe on – shaposhnikova to Bail, stadler undershoot, in stadler 1/2 – piked Jaeger, Tkatchev (high), double front off.

Kloptsova – toe on 1/1, Tkatchev, Pak, stadler undershoot, muscled kip to HS, double front off (big step fwd).

Romania BB

Stanila – switch leap – side somi, flic  back pike, front tuck, turn, split – scissone, free cartwheel, switch 1/2, ro – 2 1/2 off. 13.533

Tudorache – switch leap – free cartwheel, free aerial, flic – back pike, turn Y (big wobble), aerial to 2 feet – side somi, ro – 2/1 off.

Munteanu – switch leap, back tuck, side somi, free aerial, switch 1/2, front tuck, split – scissone, ff – ff – double back off (step back).

Aribasoiu – side somi, switch leap – back tuck (wobble), split – scissone, turn, flic – back pike (wobble), free aerial, switch 1/2 (step back), sheep jump, ro – 2/1 off.

Derek, Tsukahara, double back, sky high tumbling, Valentic on flor, double back to fall back, 1 1/2 punch front,

Rotation 3

Great Britain VT

Theaker -Yurchenko 1/1 (big distance, good). // layout Yurchenko as second vault

Romaeo – handspring front pike (step back).

Jupp – Yurchenko 1/1. // layout Yurchenko (step back).

Fellows – Yurchenko 1 1/2 (a bit low, steps back), // layout Yurchenko.

Sweden UB

Estberg -Pak, clear hip, toe on undershoot, giant 1/  Jaeger, giant 1/1 (late turn), double layout (piked down) dismount.

Ayan – Jaeger, Pak (open legs), no HS on low bar, stadler undershoot, giant 1/1, double pike off (close to bars, step fwd).

Larsson – Pak, stadler, toe on undershoot, toe on, giant 1/2 – Jaeger (close), gaint 1/11 (legs a bit off(, double pike off (close to the bars, stuck).

Singmuang – Tkatchev, clear hip (extra swing), Jaeger, a bit short on HS, Pak, clear hip 1/2 on low bar, toe on undershoot, giant 1/1, full twisting double layout off.

Ukraine VT

Darya Matveyeva – Yurchenko 1/1 (jump back) // handspring front tuck (tiny feet adjustment on landing).

Olena Vasylieva – Yurchenko 1/1 13.266 // missed the run in the second vault, but didn’t touch the table. No time enough. She got a 0.

Yana Fedorova – Yurchenko 1/1 // handspring front tuck (big step fwd).

Anastasiya Ilnytska – layout Yurchenko.

Romania UB

Cristina Tudorache – toe on undershoot, Gienger, fail to reach HS, double pike off (step back),

Alina Stanila – clear hip, toe on udnershoot, giant 1/2 – Jaeger (fall), repate and caught, Bail (open legs), undershoot, giant 1/1, 2/1 flyaway dismount. 11.900

Andreea Munteanu – clear hip, toe o, stadler undershooot, Gienger (open legs)(, Bail, undershoot, giant 1/2, giant 1/1, double pike off (step). 13.033

Miriam Aribasciu – Gienger, Bail, stadler undershoot, muscled HS, giant 1/2, giant 1/1 (a bit late), double pike off (step back).

Mokosova (SVK) on beam free cartwheel, side aerial, front full off.

Plyta on floor, front 1 1/2, back layout, front 1/1 dismount. Varra, 2 1/2, 1 1/2 punch front, 2/1 dismount.

Chachua on floor, double pike to knees (fall), 2 1/2 to some kind of strange jump that didn’t come out well, turn in L, switch leap, 1 1/2 punch front, 2/1.

Goketkein 2 1/2, double back, 1 1/2 punch front (low, squat landing), 2/1 off.

Mrdjenovic on floor, double back, front 1/1 punch front, split 1/1, tour jeté, 2 1/2, double turn in L, switch leap, sdie split, cartwheel, 2/1. Nice lines.

Rotation 2

Sweden VT

Ece Ayan – layout Yurchenko (hop).

Lovisa Estberg -layout Yurchenko.

Emma Larsson -Yurchenko 1/1 (stuck). // ro – 1/2 on – pike off (big jump).

Julia Rumbutis – scratch.

Kamile Goktekin on beam, press to HS mount, flic – layout, switch leap, back tuck (wobble), split – wolf jump, free cartwheel, side split, turn in L (overrotated, wobble), gainer pike off.

Ana Derek on UB did a Comaneci a open legs Pak to dead hang, extra swing, back pike off. Koljanin, toe on undershoot, stadler on lb, back pike off. Poscic did a 1 1/2 flyaway dismount.

Obrazcova (LTU) on floor, 2 1/2 (fall), front 1/1, front layout – front pike, 2/1 dismount.

Chachua (GEO) on beam, free aerial, flic – back tuck, switch leap, aerial to 2 feet (wobble), sheep jump, split – wolf jump, ro – 1 1/2.

Mrdjenovic (SRB) on beam, switch 1/2, front tuck (wobble), flic, turn in L, wolf 1/1 jump (fall), free cartwheel – side somi, wolf jump – split jump, 1/1 tuck jump, front 1/1 (step back).

Romania VT

Alina Stanila – Yurchenko 2/1 (a bit low). 13.966 // 2nd vault: Yurchenko 1/1 (stumbled fwd, step).

Siliva Zarzu – Yurchenko 1/1.  // 2nd: Yurchenko 1 1/2 (short, fall).

Andreea Munteanu – Yurchenko 1 1/1 (jump), // 2nd: Layout Yurchenko (step).

Miriam Aribasoiu – Yurchenko layout/pike.

Greek’s Evangelina Plyta free aerial (wobble and fall), free carthweel,side split jump (big wobble), flic – laoyut (fall and lost the ponytail…), sheep jump, ro – 2/1 off. Good lines. Her team mate, Verra, free aerial – flic – back tuck, switch leap, scissone – wolf jump, aerial to 2 feet, sheep jump (not head release), turn in L, free cartwheel (fall), ro – 1 1/2 off.

Georgsdottir (ISL)  double back, front layout, front through back tuck, 2/1 off.  Josepsdottir 3/1, double back (fall to knees, chest), front layout – front tuck, 2/1. Bergthorsdottir on floor, double pike (hand down), double back, front layout – front 1/1, switch 1/1, 1 1/2 dismount. Thrastardottir, double pike (low chest, landed with one foot oob), front through 1/1, 1 1/2 (fall).

Rotation 1

Great Britain FX

Georgina Hockenhull – double arabian (jump fwd, oob), 1 1/2 through double back (fall fwd), switch leap, tour jeté, 2/1, side split, double pike off (step back). 11.500

Angel Romaeo -switch leap, whip whip through double back (step), front 2/1 (tiny step fwd), illusion turn to turn, double pike, 2 1/2 (steps fwd and oob).

Charlie Fellows -Tsukahara (a bit low chest), 3/1, switch ring leap, 1 1/2 through 2/1, double back (step fwd).

Gabrielle Jupp – Tsukahara (stuck), double back (stuck), switch ring leap, switch 1/1, 1 1/2 – 1/1 (step fwd), turn in L, tour jeté, double pike off (a bit low, step fwd).

Ukraine  FX

Darya Kloptsova -double pike,1 1/2 through 2/1, front 1/1, 2 1/1 (slightly short, step to the side). 12.800

Darya Mateyeva – 1 1/2 – 1/1 (jump), dobule pike (stumbled out back, oob), switch 1/1, double back (low chest, hand down or brushed the mat), tour jeté, 2/1 dismount.

Olena Vasylieva – double arabian (stumbled forward, oob), double pike (hop), switch ring leap, switch 1/2 leap, front through 2/1, switch 1/1 jump, double back (fall fwd, hand down).

Yana Fedorova – 1 1/2 punch layout, double back (stuck), switch leap, tour jeté 1/2, turn in Y, 2 1/2, tour jeté, 2/1 dismount. Elegant long legged gymnast.

Evangelina Plyta (GRE) on UB, hight Tkatchev, in stalder 1/2 – Jaeger, Bail, stadler undershoot, double pike off (step back). 13.833 (5.8). Nice lines and boy position. Martha Verra (GRE), no HS, toe on, Tkatchev, Bail (short on HS), problems on kips to HS, undershoot to dead hang, stop, giant 1/2, legs off, double pike off (hands down).

Barbora Mokosova (SVK) with a layout Yurchenko as first vault /13.000) and handspring front tuck (step back).

Berghtorsdottir (ISL) on beam, scissone – wolf jump, flic – layout (step and fall), turn, free cartwheel, back tuck. Josepsdottir (ISL) on beam, starts with a press to HS mount, switch leap, turn, free aerial (big wobble), side somi (fall), side somi, switch 1/2, back tuck, front full off.

Croatia doing Tuskahara pikes from Ana Poscic, Elija Valentic and Karmen Koljanin. Ana Derek did Tsukahara 1/1 (good distance, jump fwd) , her second vault handspring front tuck 1/2 off.

Tamara Mrdejnovic from Serbia had good stadlers and clear hip on low bar, but no content on high bar, 1/1 flyaway dismount.

Kamile Goktekein  Tkatchev, Pak (open legs), endo on1/2 on low bar, toe on 1/1, toe on undershoot, Tsukahara off. 13.033. Her coach and her are very happy.