Louis Smith (GBR)

Louis Smith (GBR)

After Scotland and Wales held their championships recently, this weekend was England’s turn for its championships. A big part of Great Britain squads competed in the new Europa Centre facility.


While first year senior and London Test Event competitior Rebecca Tunney was in New York for the American Cup, most of her teammates participated at the English Championships. Jennifer Pinches (City of Liverpool) claimed the victory with 55.150 points, half of a point ahead of beam specialist Danusia Francis (Heathrow)m who is is heading to NCAA gymnastics (UCLA) next year. Powerful Niamh Rippin excelled in her two apparatus, vault and floor, and struggled on bars for the bronze medal in the all around. Britain’s top all arounder, Hannah Whelan, only competed in two apparatus taking the gold on beam (14.450). Whelan was invited to the American Cup but declined for lack of readiness. Elegant Imogen Cairns had the highest vault score of the day (14.550) and showed some of her upgrades, while Elizabeth Tweddle showed her new bars routine (new double double dismount) for a high of 15.950. Also competing was Becky Downie who is slowly coming back from injuries. National Team member Nicole Hibbert did not compete, as she is slightly injured.

1. Jennifer Pinches (City of Liverpool) 55.150
2. Danusia Francis (Heathrow) 54.650
3. Niamh Rippin (Notts) 53.600
4. Ruby Harrold (The Academy) 52.600
5. Jocelyn Hunt (Horsham) 52.050
6. Billie Mackenzie (Notts) 51.450
7, Sophie Fitzgerald (Carousel) 50.350
8. Laura Mitchell (Heathrow) 49.850
30. Imogen Cairns (The Academy) 40.600 (VT/BB/FX)
33. Beckie Downie (Notts) 35.050 (UB/BB/FX)
34. Hannah Whelan (City of Liverpool) 27.350 (UB/BB)
35. Beth Tweddle MBE (City of Liverpool) 15.950 (UB)

Kristian Thomas (Earls) dominated the men’s competition, in the absence of Daniel Purivs (American Cup) and Daniel Keatings (Scotland Championships), scoring 90.901 points in the all around. Thomas had a regular competition with the lowest score being a 14.467 on parallel bars. Two young South Essex gymnasts, Max Whitlock (87.727) and Reiss Beckford (85.033) finished with the silver and bronze medals. National team members Sam Hunter and Sam Oldham had a rough competition. Hunter had major problems were on pommel horse and parallel bars, while Oldham only scored a 11.667 on pommel horse and had mistakes on high bar. Vault and floor specialist Theo Seager only competed in three apparatus but with all scores above 14.300.  British Olympic medalist Louis Smith won the pommel horse title (15.400) and surprised with a very good high bar routine (14.367). The other apparatus gold medals went to Whitlock (floor, 15.367); p-bars 15.027); Sam Fern (rings, 15.133) and Thomas (vault, 16.033; high bar, 15.900).

1. Kristian Thomas (Earls) 90.901
2. Max Whitlock (South Essex) 87.727
3. Reiss Beckford (South Essex) 85.033
4. Matthew Firth (City of Leeds) 84.766
5. Anthony Hughes (South Essex) 83.932
6. Cameron Mckenzie (Huntingdon) 82.233
7. Sam Hunter (Hinckley) 81.967
8. Sam Fern (City of Leeds) 81.099
9. Sam Oldham (Huntingdon) 80.433
11. Luke Folwell (Huntingdon) 57.133 (FX/PH/VT/PB)
15. Theo Seager (Bury) 43.834 (FX/SR/HB)
19. Louis Smith (Huntingdon) (PH/HB)


Gabby Jupp from Sapphire won easily the junior division of English Championships with 52.700 points in the All Around. Jupp only weakness was uneven bars, where she scored a very low 10.200; despite this mistake, she managed to take three gold medals in the other three apparatus with scores over 14 on beam and floor. In second position finished Charlie Fellows (50.150) with strong vault and floor scores. Kat Bramley from Notts took the bronze medal in the individual competition but couldn’t break the 50 points. The last gold medal went to Chantelle Halford (East London) on uneven bars with a 12.300. Overall, bars was a weak event for the juniors.

1. Gabby Jupp (Sapphire) 52.700
2. Charlie Fellows (Sandbach) 50.150
3. Katy Bramley (Notts) 49.700
4. Eleanor Van Dongan (Horsham) 49.150
5. Emily Crowe (Norfolk Academy) 48.750
6. Chantelle Halford (East London) 48.600
7. Jade Stedford (CMIG) 48.550
8. Iona Theobald (Horsham) 48.350

The men’s competition didn’t have the high quality of previous years but All Around winner Brinn Bevan scored 81.733 and took 4 apparatus gold medals (pommel horse, rings, parallel bars and high bar). In second position finished Joe Fraser who couldn’t reach the 80 points mark. Harry Caulwell from Earls took the bronze medals. The other winner of the day was Giarnni Regini-Moran from Waveney who won the floor and vault titles.

1. Brinn Bevan (South Essex) 81.733
2. Joe Fraser (City of Birmingham) 79.500
3. Harry Caulwell (Earls) 77.733
4. Charlie Howard (Dynamo) 77.366
5. Giarnni Regini-Moran (Waveney) 77.134
6. Tom Nicolaou (Pipers Vale) 73.901
7. Joe Cemlyn-Jones (City of Bristol) 73.534
8. Callum Sims (Dynamo) 72.967


Tyesha Mattis from East London claimed the all around title in the Espoir category with a solid 52.500 score; Mattis also finished first on beam (13.150). The silver medal went to Ellie Downie, the younger sister of British senior star Rebecca Downie. Downie scored 51.800 in the all around and took the vault (13.900 average) and bars (13.200) titles, the same best apparatus as her sister. Amy Tinkler from South Durham completed the all around podium with 50.750. The top three gymnasts were the only ones with scores over 50.000 points. The floor title went to Sapphire’s Teal Grindle (13.100), who also finished in fourth position in the individual competition. Young stylish Catherine Lyons (48.750) from Europa completed the top five.

1. Tyesha Mattis (East London) 52.500
2. Ellie Downie (Notts) 51.800
3. Amy Tinkler (South Durham) 50.750
4. Teal Grindle (Sapphire) 49.850
5. Catherine Lyons (Europa) 48.750
6. Caitlin Tsang (Park Wrekin) 47.900
7. Lauren Mitchell (Aspire) 46.200
8. Phoebe Turner (The Academy) 46.000

The boys’ competition was dominated Donell Osbourne from Earls with 74.600 points; he also won rings (11.850) and high bar (12.100). The second place went to Hayden Skinner (South Essex), who also took the vault gold (13.900) and tied for gold on parallel bars. Jamie Lewis (Woking) was the bronze medalist with 72.550 and won the floor gold medal (13.250). Other gold medalists were Lawrence Hudson-Mckenzie from City of Birmingham on pommel horse (12.200) and Dean Collins (Pipers Vale) on parallel bars (12.600).

1. Donell Osbourne (Earls) 74.600
2. Hayden Skinner (South Essex) 73.300
3. Jamie Lewis (Woking) 72.550
4. Jake Watson (City of Birmingham) 70.800
5. Mohammed Serry (Tolworth) 70.750
6. Adam Tobin (Falcons) 69.950
7. Lawrence Hudson-Mckenzie (City of Birmingham) 69.150
8. Patrick Murphy (Huntingdon) 68.739

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