Ana Porgras Retires

Ana Porgras (ROU)

Ana Porgras (ROU)

Bucharest, Romania: Romanian Ana Porgras, 2010 Beam World Champion, announced retirement this week.

The elegant and stylish gymnast left the National Training centre to return to her home city, and she is starting normal high school.

This retirement hurts Romanian preparations for the Olympic Games since Porgras was one of the few current Romanians to be able to score high on uneven bars, a traditional weak apparatus for the team.

In an interview with Prosport Porgras said that she doesn’t want to talk about the reasons she has quit gymnastics but there was a point in her life that she couldn’t continue with the sport. Injuries were a big reason for the retirement; her last elbow injury in December might seem like the last she could cope with. After returning from their training camp in France, she decided that it was time to retire.Her family and Adrian Stoica tried to change her mind, but Porgras said “I have no regrets (about the decision), if I said there is no going back, I’m not back”