Titbits from London Test Event III

Louis Smith (GBR)

Louis Smith (GBR)

Elsa García

The Mexican had a bad landing during vault warm ups. She didn’t want to risk any further injury since she already had some minor problems on the leg.

Tomás González (CHI)

The Chilean had a great floor routine that he hopes to increase to a 6.8 D score. One of the skills he plans to include for the Olympics is the Kolyvanov. Asked about his goals for the Olympics, González said that he was not sure about doing the All Around in London despite his good placing here: “All depends on the rotation order, if I finish on floor, probably I won’t do the all around; if the order is favourable, I’ll see it.” On vault, he expects to have two competitive 7.0 vaults, including his Yurchenko 3/1.

Valeria Maksyuta (ISR)

The Ukranian-born Maksyuta told the media she wanted gold at the Olympics. When talking to us, she said she was training Yurchenko double backs “if my legs survive.”

Jade Barbosa (BRA)

She is training the Amanar (Yurchenko 2 1/2) again now that they have secured the Olympic qualification. She admits that the priority is to be top 8 in teams and make team finals. Floor upgrades are also in her mind.

Louis Smith (GBR)

“I have a lot more to offer than just the pommel horse, I train on four apparatus. I’m not just a specialist but it is a bonus that with my track record I could achieve a medal. But I can do more than one piece and be a valuable asset.”