Olympic Test Event: MAG Qualifying, Subdivision 3

London, United Kingdom: Great Britain, Spain, and Puerto Rico already know the score they need to beat to qualify to the Olympics: 346,334

Rotation 1

Morales (PUR) FX -2 ½ dismount (jump).
Gonzalez (ESP) R – straeddle planche, L-sit, some hesitation on HS, double pike front to double front to L-sit in straddle position, legs off on a HS, double double off (jump back).
Shikhaliyev (AZE) PB – Diamidov (legs off),
Rodriguez (PUR) FX – front 2/1, 1 ½ – barani, 2 ½.
Gonzalez, Tomas (CHI) PH – good routine.
Gonzalez, Fabian (ESP) R – planche, inverted cross (a bit high), inverted cross, double pike front to dobule front to cross, straddle L-sit, straeddle planche, full twisting double layout (jump back),
Racz (HUN) V – scratch.
Davtyan (ARM) PB – dobule pike off.
Whitlock (GBR) HB – tucked double twisting double layout dismount.
Trefilovs (LAT) PH – Magyar, Sivado, straddle HS to dismount.
Losantos (ESP) R – uprise to maltese, cross, double pike front to cross, legs a bit off on HS, double layout front to double front to HS, double pike front (jump forward).
Buscaglia (USA) V – Yurchenko ½ on – 2/1 off.
Purvis (GBR) HB – Yamawaki, Rybalko, Adler ½, Rybalko straddled, full twisting double layout.
Fokin (UZB) PH – fall.
Gomez (ESP) R – planche to cross, straddle planche, swinging rings a bit, double pike front to cross to L-sit to HS; full twisting double layout (jump).
Legendre (USA) V – Roche.
Behan (IRL) PB – fall on kip to HS,
Thomas (GBR) HB – Tkatchev ½, full twisting double layout (stuck).
Torres (PUR) FX – Thomas, 1 ¾ to roll,
Munoz (ESP) R – maltese to L-cross to inverted cross, double front to inverted cross, planche, a bit shaking, L-cross tomaltese, full twisting double layout (stuck!)
Ude (CRO) V – Tsukahara 2/1.


Rotation 2

Keatings FX – nice set!
Rodriguez PH – stockli, reverse stoclki, Magyar, Sivado, triple russian, Wu Guonian, triple russian to dismount.
Gonzalez, Tomas R – straddle planche, doulbe pike front, L-sit, double double (stuck).
Lopez V – Tsukahara 1 ½.
Racz PB – scratch.
Davtyan HB – double double in tuck position as dismount.
Whitlock FX – Thomas, oob on the second , 3/1.
Rivera PH – Tong Fei, triple Russian, triple russian to dismount.
Gomez V – Tsukahara 2 ½ (fall).
Buscaglia PB – problems on dismount (double pike off).
Peng HB – fall on dismount.
Panteleymonov FX – double arabian punch front, double arabian ½ off, 2/1 to planche, 2 ½ – 1/1, Fedorchenko, 2 ½.
Morales PH – Magyar, Sivado, Tong Fei, fall,
Fokin R – solid,
Botella (ESP) V – handspring front 2/1 (squat landing). // Tsukahara 2 ½ (good).
Legendre PB -double back, Healy, double back, double pike off.
Thomas FX – front 2/1 to 1 ¾ to roll, arabian double piked, 2 ½ – front full, whip – layout Thomas,
Ramos Rivera PH – Tong Fei, Sivado, Wu Guonian, triple Russian, muscled straddle HS to dismount.
Gonzalez, Fabian V – Yurchenko 2 ½ (oob).
Purvis FX – arabian double piked, 1 ½ – 2/1, 2 ½ – 1/1, whip – thomas, layout Thomas, double arabian off.
Torres PH – Magyar, Sivado to Wu Guonian, triple russian, triple russian to dismount.
Munoz V – Tsukahara 2 ½ (high).
Yamamoto HB – Adler ½, Rybalko, Adler 1/1 – Yamawaki, full twisting double layout.
Shikhaliyev HB – Adler ½, Tkatchev, endo 1/1, full twisting double layout.


Rotation 3

Peng FX – limping after his floor routine.
Keatings PH – no visible mistakes.
Rivera R – maltese, to L-cross to maltese, full twisting double layout.
Trefilovs V –
Munoz PB – Basket, Diamidov (legs open), giant, straddle cut to HS, Tippelt (fell over the bars), straddle cut to HS, dobule pike off (hop).
Buscaglia HB – Adler 1/1 – Yamawaki, Liukin to Gienger, Tkatchev ½,
Behan FX – front 2/1 – barani, layout Thomas,
Thomas PH –
Ramos (PUR) R – maltese-L-cross,maltesetocros, uprise to inverted cross, double layout off (mump),
Fokin V – injury during vault, he can’t walk.
Gonzalez, Fabian PB – basket ½, giant, bent elbow, Diamidov, Diamidov ½, hop ½, dobule pike off (jump back).
Legendre HB – kovacs,
Torres R – malteste, L-sit to maltese, cross, inverted cross (not hold), double front to double pike to cross, swinging rings, double double (step back).
Shaulov V – handpsirng vault.
Lopez PB – Tippelt, starddle cut to HS, stutsk, double pike off (step).
Ude HB – Adler ½ – Tkatchev ½, Healy, double twisting double layout
Yamamoto FX – 3/1
Ramos Rivera R – Tsukahara off.
Losantos PB – double back to arm support, straddle 5/4 salto to arm support, straddle cut to HS, Tippelt, Carballo, double pike off (several steps back).
Hidvegi HB
Smith (GBR) PH – lots of troubles with the Wu Guonian.
Morales R – cross, dobuel pike front to double front to cross (not ghold), straddle L-sit, straddle planche, bent arms on HS, Tsukahara to big step to the side.
Gonzalez, Tomas V -. Yurchenko 2 ½. // Tsukahara double pike
Gomez PB – Healy, hop, Basket ½, double back to arm support, straddle cut to HS, giant, Tippelt to HS, double pike (jump forward).
Racz HB – scratch.
Davtyan FX –  1 ½ – front full to planche, Fedorchenko, 2/1, arabian, oob on last tumbling.


Rotation 4

Buscaglia FX – arabian double pike, fall on second tumbling and oob,
Keatings R – cross, straddle planche, dobule front to cross,
Rivera V – Tsukahara 2 ½ (fall),
Fokin PB – Healy, stradle 5/4 salto to arm support, sit down Tippelt, straddle cut to HS, he dismounts. Injured.
Lopez HB – Kovacs, Kolman, 1 ½ giant, Adler, endo 1/1, full twisting double layout (stuck).
Ude FX
Torres V – Tsukahara 2 ½ (fall).
Shaulov PB – no dismount.
Losantos HB – Yamawaki, layout Tkatchev, Tkatchev, endo 1/1, full twisting double layout (tiny hop).
Hidvegi FX  front 1 ½,
Ramos Rivera V – Tsukahara 2/1.
Gomez HB – Kolman, one arm giant, Adler 1/1 – Yamawaki, endo 1/1, full twisting double layout (stuck),.
Gonzalez, Tomas PB – solid.
Munoz HB – Yamawaki ½, Yamawaki, Rybalko, endo 1/1, Healy, double twisting double layout (hop)
Legendre FX – doble arabian ½ layout, double arabian ½ off, double arabian to knees dismount.
Whitlock R – planche, inverted cross, double back to HS (legs off, but saved), empty hang after double front, a mess of a routine.
Rodriguez V – Tsukahara 2/1.
Trefilovs PB – straeddle 5/4 salto, straddle cut to HS, hop to the side to kip to HS, dobule pike off (step).
Gonzalez, Fabian HB- Kolman, kovacs, Adler ½ – Yamawaki, Adler, endo 1/1, double twisting double layout (piked down).


Rotation 5

Lopez FX – double arabian (step), layout Thomas, Thomas, Fedeorchenko, 1 ½ – 1/1, 2 ½ (step).
Ude PH – wonderful russians between poomels, stoclki – stockli travelings, russians on one side. Great work.
Keatings V – Tsukahara 2/1 (stuck).
Ramos PB – basket ½, straddle cut, Tippelt,
Munoz FX – double layout (jump), front 2/1, Thomas, 1 ¾ to roll, 1 ½ – 1/1 (stuck), 2 ½.
Whitlock V – Yurchenko 2 ½.
Kulesza HB –  Healy, Adler ½, layout Tkatchev, Tkatchev, full twisting double layout.
Gomez FX – double double (jump to oob), layout Thomas, Thomas, 2/1, front 1/1 – 1 ½, whip – 2 ½ (step).
Purvis V – wonderful Yurchenko 2 ½ (stuck).
Gonzalez, Tomas HB – Tkatchev, Tsukahara off.
Gonzalez, Fabian FX – double double, Thomas, arabian, 2 ½ punch front full, front 2/1 – barani, 3/1,
Trefilovs HB – full twisting double layout off.
Botella FX – arabian double pike, 1 ½ – 2/1, Thomas, japanese HS, 2 ½ – front full, double arabian.
Legendre PH
Panteleymonov V – Dragulescu (late turn, underrotated). // Tsukahara 2 ½.
Torres PB – Healy, low double pike dismount to face. Elbow hurts.
Fokin HB – Yamawaki, Adler ½, no dismount.


Rotation 6
Lopez PH – work on one pommel, Magyar, Sivado, Tong Fei (a bit rouch), scissor, muscled HS to 2/1 pirouette dismount.
Hidvegi R – double front to double pike front.
Shikhaliyev V – Yurchenko 2/1.
Keatings PB – dobule pike off (hop).
Gonzalez, Tomas FX – double double, twisting, whip – Thomas, layout Thomas, 3/1.
Gomez ESP – Sivado, Wu Guonian (legs apart)(, triple russian to the centre, scissors, circlis to tong fei, to pirouette dismount.
Rivera HB- Adler 1/1 – Yamawaki,
Botella PH – Sivado, Wu Guonian, tripl eRussian to centre, scissor, Russians to one side, triple russian to dismount (tucked down the legs).
Fokin FX – even injured, Fokin does some light tumbling.
Gonzalez, PH- scissors to being, stoclki to reverse stocki, work on one pommel, russian on one pommel, stoclki to the middle, Wu Guonian (elgs open), Magyar, Sivado, muscled HS to 2/1 pirouette dismount.
Legendre R – maltese, straddle planche, double pike front to L-sit, double double off.
Panteleymonov PB
Torres HB – Tkatchev, endo 1/1,