2011 World Championships: Women’s All Around Final

Jordyn Wieber (USA)

Jordyn Wieber (USA)

Tokyo, Japan: The gymnasts are marching out. The audience is not particularly full, which is a shame. Perhaps because there is less of a chance for a home medal than the men’s, which is sold out.

Rotation 1

Yao Jinnan (CHN) VT – great DTY, small shuffle

Koko Tsurumi (JPN) UB – falls twice. Once on the bail – stalder shoot (bail was too low) and again on the double straight dismount

Rie Tanaka (JPN) BB – Cl leap, onodi, free walkover – ff – layout, kickover front, sheep, side somie, CL 1/2 ( abit low) double pike, deep landing and a step forward.

Daniele Hypolito (BRA) FX – double straight (hop back),  2 1/2 – straight front, 1 1/2 – 1/1, stuck double tuck

Jordyn Wieber (USA) VT – Amanar, large step forward.

Raluca Haidu (ROU) UB – pike stalder 1/2, swing half, gienger (split legs), jaeger, bail, stalder 1/1, 1.1 double back

Celine Van Gerner (NED) BB – CL tuck, RO – straight, front (step), free walkover – ff – layout (leg up), split leap 1/1, free cartwheel, double tuck (small step)

Peng Peng Lee (CAN) FX – double layout, small hop back, stuck full – in, 1 1/2 – double twist, double pike

Viktoria Komova (RUS) VT – neat DTY with a small hop.

Elisabeth Seitz (GER) UB – hits, but form breaks slightly larger than normal. Stalder 1/2 from the shap 1/1 looked potentially short of HS.

Hannah Whelan (GBR) BB – free walkover – sheep, CL leap – onodi, slightly overturns the spin, free cartwheel – layout, Cl ring, 2 1/2 (small hop)

Ana Maria Izurieta (ESP) FX – full in (large step), triple twist (step), 1 1/2 – double twist, 2 1/2 twist. Not the most secure landings

Huang Qiushuang (CHN) VT – DTY, higher than many of the others, hops.

Nadine Jarosch (GER) UB – toe 1/1 , toe to HS, toe 1/2 – pike jaeger, bail -stalder shoot, stuck 1/1 double tuck

Jessica Lopez (VEN) BB – CL 1/2, free walkover – ff – layout, CL leap, W jump 1/1, free cartwheel, side somie, 2 1/2 with a hop. A tight routine other than the soft knees on the layout

Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) FX – triple twist (soft knees, crossed legs), double tuck and bounces out of the area, whip to double twist, double pike.

Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS) VT – DTY, deep landing.

Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) UB – bi – jaeger, L grip 1/1 – pike jaeger, bail – stalder shoot, 1/1 double tuck.

Emily Little (AUS) BB – front (a bit low), turn in tuck stand, free walkover – ff – layout, CL leap (lacking split) – tuck back, Johnson (again lacking stretch), double pike with a hop back.

Aurelie Malaussena (FRA) FX – whip 1/2 – double front (just inside the area), out of control on the double spin, gogean attempt, 1 1/2 – 1/1 and steps out with both feet, double pike.

Alexandra Raisman (USA) VT – DTY nearly stuck

Lauren Mitchell (AUS) UB – does it about as well as she can, soft back in the bail and on the turns, small hop on the double front

Ana Porgras (ROU) BB – ff – ff – straight, lovely CL ring, free walkover, sheep, free cartwheel, side somie, Cl – tuck (small break), ff – ff – double pike (step). Not vintage, but solid.

Giulia Steingruber (SUI) FX – gogean, double straight (slightly short and hops forward), 1 1/2 – 1/1 and a stagger, double tuck, double pike and nearly loses her feet on the rebound.


Rotation 2

Ferrari just ate the beam in warm-up. Ouch.

Peng Peng Lee VT – FTY, good shape.

Jordyn Wieber UB – wieler 1/2 – shap – uprise – clear 1/1 (late), bail (no HS), hits feet, toe 1/1 – tkatchev, stuck double straight. Major break.

Raluca Haidu BB – ff – 1/1, goes for a walk, a sheep jump that really wasn’t, CL 1/2 with limited split, CL – pike back, ff – ff – double pike (hop)

Celine Van Gerner FX – full-in, very small step, 1 1/2 – 1/1 (slight shuffle), missed her 3rd line, double tuck (hops back)

Ana Maria Izurieta VT – FTY with a hop back.

Viktoria Komova UB – hit routine, slightly late on the pike stalder 1/1 and small step on the 1/1 double tuck dismount.

Elisabeth Seitz BB – front, free cartwheel, side somie, CL – tuck back, major break on the free walkover, ff – layout, double pike.

Hannah Whelan FX – whip – triple, nice landing,  1 1/2 – 2 1/2 – stag, double tuck (hop), double pike (skips back)

Carlotta Ferlito VT – 1.5TY soft knees

Huang Qiushuang UB – l endo, bi- lin – l endo 1/1 – pike jaeger, pak, shoot, lin 1/2, double straight couple of step back.

Nadine Jarosch BB –  free walkover (small wobble), ff – layout, CL 1/2, free cartwheel, side somie, illusion, 2 1/2, step.

Jessica Lopez FX – full-in short and steps forward, good whip – triple, short on the triple spin, stuck double pike, 2 1/2  (step)

Aurelie Malaussena VT – straight front 1/2, over the horse, hands very close to the front.

Ksenia Afanasyeva UB – toe 1/1 – maloney 1/2, toe 1/2 – jaeger, tkatchev – pak, stalder shoot, 1/1 double tuck, jumps to the side and scrappy in the air.

Vanessa Ferrari BB – planche mount, Ro – straight (soft legs), CL – pike back, free walkover – sheep, CL ring, double pike.

Emily Little FX – full-in, short but disguised with her jump to pose, double tuck (big jump back), lost on her turn, 1 1/2 – double twist, double pike.

Giulia Steingruber VT – piked rudi,

Alexandra Raisman UB – maloney – bail – stalder shoot, toe on 1/2 – jaeger, toe on 1/1 – tkatchev, misses her grip twice in a cast to reverse and multiple extra swings.

Lauren Mitchell BB – falls on ff – ff – straight, recovers herself for the rest of the routine, but the damage is done.

Ana Porgras FX – double straight, 2 1/2 – front, double tuck, double pike (large step)

Daniele Hypolito VT – 1.5TY, much better than the warm up with just a step forward.

Yao Jinnan UB – stalder shap – pak, lin 1/2 – tkatchev, lin – ling – jaeger, stuck double straight

Koko Tsurumi BB – CL ring (small lift of the leg), free walkover – ff – layout, onodi, sheep – korbut, side somie, pike side somie, CL leap – split jump, L turn (excellent control), 2 1/2 twist, small shuffle.

Rie Tanaka FX – 2/1 – front 1/2 (just inside and shuffles about), double tuck rebounds and hits her hands on the floor), 1 1/2 – 1/1, double pike.


Rotation 3

Hannah Whelan VT – stuck 1.5TY.

Ana Maria Izurieta UB – toe 1/1 gienger, jaeger, bail – stalder shoot, giant 1/1, pikey double straight. Soft back in her turns.

Viktoria Komova BB – solid front, nice ff – layout – layout, arbian (small check), L spin attempt, slight wobble on the free walkover and the sheep, short on the double spin, ff – ff – double tuck (step). Stayed on but not her best

Elisabeth Seitz FX – pike  full-in, 1 1/2 – 2 1/2, double pike, double tuck.

Jessica Lopez VT – FTY with a hop

Carlotta Ferlito UB – missed it but looks like she either had a very long, low double front dismount or she ran right back off the supplementary mat.

Huang Qiushuang BB – front – korbut, free walkover, waits, then ff – pie back and falls, free cartwheel, onodi, lovely CL ring, double pike with a good landing. Shame about the fall.

Nadine Jarosch FX – CL 1/1, stuck full-in, 2/1 front – stag, Cl ring – split 1/1, 1 1/2 – 1/1, triple twist

Emily Little VT – falls on the DTY

Aruelie Malaussena UB – toe 1/1 (loses back and fights) –  maloney – bail – stalder shoot, jaeger, cowboyed double front with a step.

Ksenia Afanasyeva BB – falls on the standing arabian, free walkover – ff – pike back, split leap 1/1, free cartwheel, L spin to back spin, onodi, side somie, double pike (deep landing)

Vanessa Ferrari FX – 2/2 tuck, full-in, 1 1/2 – 1/1, double pike. Good landings.

Ana Porgras VT – FTY, pretty much stuck

Giulia Steingruber UB – maloney 1/2, giant 1/1 – gienger (very high), double front with a tidy landing

Alexandra Raisman BB – very solid until the end and then jumps of the side of the mat on the arabian double.

Lauren Mitchell FX – whip – double arabian – stag, pike full-in – sissone, 2/1 turn in tuck, 2 1/2 – straight front – changement, double pike – split jump

Rie Tanaka VT – tidy 1/5TY

Daniele Hypolito UB – giant 1 1/2 – L grip 1/2 – tkatchev, l grip 1/1 (short) – bail – stalder shoot, stuck double straight (legs apart)

Yao Jinnan BB – full, ff – ff – straight and jumps off the side. Slightly over turns the Y spin, very solid CL ring, stuck double pike.

Koko Tsurumi FX – 2 1/2 – straight front, 2/1 twist front – stag, 1 1/2 – 1/1, rather falls out of her L turn, deepish landing on the double pike.

Celine Van Gerner VT – FTY, piked down and a bit low.

Peng Peng Lee UB – jadger, toe 1/1 – bhardwaj, shap 1/2, stuck double straight. Nice routine from her.

Jordyn Wieber BB – free walkover – 1-arm ff – layout, Cl leap – pike back, side somie, L turn, johnson, free cartwheel, full, pause, ff, ff – ff – 2 1/2 step back.

Raluca Haidu FX – 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 (steps out), pike full-in, double tuck (hop back), double pike.


Rotation 4

Nadine Jarosch VT – 1.5TY

Jessica Lopez UB – L grip 1/1 and misses the straight jaeger completely. Tkatchev – gienger and misses it completely. Falls on the double front too. Disaster.

Carlotta Ferlito BB – CL – tuck back, sheep jump, FF – whip, spin – Y spin, free walkover – ff – layout, Cl ring, 2 1/2

Huang Qiushuang FX – pike full-in (hop), triple twist, 1 1/2 – 1/1 (I think), 2 1/2 (step

Vanessa Ferrari VT – DTY short and falls

Emily Little UB – toe on, toe on 1/2 – jaeger, bail – stalder shoot, toe 1/1, double straight.

Aurelie Malaussena BB – Cl leap mount (nice), CL – tuck back, free walkover, pause, ff, side somie, double pike

Ksenia Afanasyeva FX – nice double straight, whip – whip  to triple twist, 1 1/2 – 1/1, lovely double L spin, double pike lacking in height and small hop forward.

Lauren Mitchell VT – best DTY she’s done this week.

Ana Porgras UB – toe on – pike stalder – shoot, toe 1 12 – jaeger, stalder 1/1 (lost her back a little) – bail (could have been short of HS) – stalder shoot, double straight dismount long, legs apart and a big step.

Giulia Steingruber BB – pike front, Cl leap – side somie, huge break on ff – pike back, free walkover, Cl 1/2, gainer 1/1 from the end.

Alexandra Raisman FX – 1 1/2 – arabian double – front (a bit long), arabian double pike, triple twist, double pike (little hops on all of her tumbles)

Koko Turumi VT – low but stuck FTY

Rie Tanaka UB – hit routine, shap – pak, maloney – bail, jaeger and very straight double straight dismount.

Daniele Hypolito BB – ff – ff – layout, free cartwheel – side somie, CL ring, L spin attempt (foot well below horizontal), RO  – ff – double pike very close to the end of the beam

Yao Jinnan FX – stuck double straight, triple twist – stag, lovely double Y spin, 1 1/2 to 2 1/2, double pike, small skip.

Raluca Haidu VT – falls onto her hands on the DTY

Celine Van Gerner UB – pike stalder, toe on 1/2 – jaeger, pike stalder 1/1 – bail – stalder shot, toe 1/1 – full-in with a step

Peng Peng Lee BB – flairs mount, double spin, CL leap (wobble), off on free cartwheel – layout, front, front 1/2, nice illusion, double twist with a hop.

Jordyn Wieber FX – 2/2 tuck (jump back), 1 1/2 – triple (jump back), triple spin, 2 1/2 – straight (steps out of bounds), double pike good landing.

Elisabeth Seitz VT – neat DTY.

Hannah Whelan UB – hit set. No clear 1/1

Ana Maria Izurieta BB – wobble on the ff – ff – layout, sheep attempt, falls on the side somie, ff – ff – 2 1/2 twist.

Viktoria Komova FX –  1 1/2 – double arabian (stuck), double tuck with a hop, L turn attempt but knee a little bent and foot not high enough, triple twist clean, double Y spin, double pike a bit low and steps forward.

The arena is incredibly flat following the result. The only cheering is from the US camp.