2011World Championships: MAG Qualifying, Subdivision 8

Tokyo, Japan: The final subdivision and the gymnasts are warming up. The questions are by how much China can beat Japan and whether Belarus and Korea can make an impact on the top 8.

Rotation One

Chen Yibing (CHN) FX: full-in skip back, front 1 ¾, 1 ½ – ½, side somie, 2 ½ (large step).

Kim Soo Myun (KOR) PH: Russians, tong fei, very clean routine

Mikhalitsyn (BLR) V: Kaz

Teng Haibin (CHN) FX: 2 ½ – ½, 1 ½ – 1/1, 1/1 side somie, double twist, full-in to knees.

Kim Jihoon (KOR) PH: nice form. Another hit routine

Bykau (BLR) V: Kaz 1/1, big jump

Zhang Chenglong (CHN) FX: 1 ½ – randi (hop), 2/1 – rudi, 2 ½ -1/1 (hop), straight thomas, whip – straight arabian 1 ¾, triple twist. More like it on the difficulty front

Ha Changju (KOR) PH: shear to HS, tong fei, little bit of a loss of form, sort of collapses out of the dismount.

Likhovitskiy (BLR) V: kaz 1/1

Zou Kai (CHN) FX: 2/2 straight (hop), 1 1/2 – 1/1 twisting 1 3/4,  2/1 – 1/1 tuck, 2 1/2 – rudi, whip – straight Thomas, 2/2 tuck.

Kim Seungil (KOR) PH: triple Russian on the end, Magyar, sivado, nice dismount. Korea going very well

Kuzmin (BLR) V: Roche and falls forward onto his hands.

Feng Zhe (CHN) FX: stuck 1/1 double straight, 2/1 – 1/1 tuck, 1 1/2 – barani, straight arabian 1 3/4, front 1 3/4, full-in and bounces back (almost put his hands down)

Choi Jin Sung (KOR) PH: falls after his triple Russian, has to press the dismount

Kaspiarovich (BLR) V: lovely dragalescu. Tsuk double pike and couple of steps.


Rotation Two

Yu Chao Wei FX: sits front tuck from a front 2/1 twist.

Chen Yibing PH: light work, tong fei, triple Russian, hit.

Kim Soo Myun R: maltese, double fronts to straddle planche, stuck 1/1 double straight.

Mikhalitsyn PB: legs buckle a bit on the double pike, but stays on his feet.

Guo Weiyang PH: does a spin on his bum on the handle. Not intended.

Yang Hak Seon R: maltese, roll to cross, press to inverted cross, 1/1 double straight (small hop)

Bykau PB:peach, giant, tippelt, healy, stutz, double pike (small hop)


Shikhaliyev FX: 2/1 – 1/1 front, straight arabian 1 ¾, 2 ½ – ½, full-in.

Zhang Chenglong PH: shear to Hs, double Russian, Magyar, sivado, but of a hesitation on the dismount.
Kim Seungil R: feet a bit low in a maltese, stuck dismount. These guys want their automatic qualification.

Kaspiarovich PB: lots of doubles. Quite old-school.

Teng Haibin PH: legs appart in the triple russian. Not that great a routine compared to what he can do when totally on form.

Choi Jin Sung R: Good strength parts, 1/1 double straight with a hop

Konecny V: Kaz ½, the most elaborate knee strapping

Likhovitskiy PB: giant, tippelt, Stutz to 1, healy, double pike (small step)

Zou Kai PH: tong fei, magyar, tucks to keep going on a sivado, russian on both handles. Very piked in the swing to keep on the horse, but managed it.

Ha Changju R: lost himself in a swing, 1/1 double straight witha step.

Tsarevich PB : Nice work. Peach, back toss, giant to 1, healy from 1 bar, giant, double back and double pike dismount with a step.

Tuuha V : Kaz 1 ½, step. Not enough for a final without a 7 vault, I think. Definitely not with buckling to his knees on the HS 2/1 twist front.


Rotation Three

Feng Zhe R : kip to L cross, maltese, cross, 1/1 double straight with a step

KimSeungil V : rudi with a small step.

Niva PB : falls.

Mikhalitsyn HB : yamawaki, stuck 1/1 double straight

Guo Weiyang R : front to cross press to maltese lower to cross, 1/1 double straight with a step

Kim Jihoon V : DTY, small step

Mikhaitsyn HB : yamawaki, tkatchev, 1/1 double straight

Teng Haibin R: maltese, front pike to L cross press to maltese, double front tuck and pike to planche, O’Neill, 1/1 double straight (large step)

Ha Changiu V: very high rudi

Kaspiarovich HB: kovacs and loses grip, crashes onto the bar, straight tkatchev, wild stalder hop 1/1,

Chen Yibing R: by far the best positions in his strength moves, particular the inverted cross which had the auidence gasping. Flairs his arms from the 1/1 double straight.

Yang Hak Seon V: high randi with a step. Kaz 2/1, leg collapsed under him a bit as he took a step, but stayed on his feet.

Zhang Chenglong R: did not compete

Kim Soo Myun V: Kaz 1 ½ with a step

Tsarevich HB: endo 1/1, tak 1/2, – kovacs, stlader rybalko, tak 1/1 – yamwaki (wonky swing from it), stuck triple back.


Rotation 4

Kuzmin FX: OOB on a roll out

Teng Haibin V: clean Kaz 1/1

Yang Hak Seon PB: healy, Stutz to 1 rail, Stutz, stuck double pike

Mikhalitsyn FX: falls on triple twist start, large step on 2/1 twist front.

Zou Kai V: very well-landed Kaz 1 ½

Choi Jin Sung PB: bent his arms to get to at one point but sticks the double pike

Bykau FX: very high tuck thomas, double twist – front 1 1/4, arabian, triple twist with a hop.

Chen Yibing V: Kaz 1 ½ and staggers off the mat

Ha Changiu PB: steps to the side on the double pike

Likhovitskiy FX: lovely manna pop out to HS. Great lines.

Zhang Chenglong V: kaz 2/1, soft knees but  a good landing. 2 1/2 dismount

Kim Soo Myun PB: hop on the double pike but otherwise looked good.

Kaspiarovich FX: straight front – 2/1 twist front, 1 1/2 – 1/1, double front, straight arabian, 2 1/2. Over time.

Feng Zhe V: Kaz 2/1 with a step

Kim Seungil PB: uprise double back, peach 1/2 (short), peach, swing to double, straddle front 1 1/4, diamadov, trouble on a swing to HS and had to press, stutz, good landing on double pike. Korea going very well.

Chen R: pike front to cross  press to invertted cross, swing to inverted cross, double fronts to planche lower to cross, nearly stuck 1/1 double straight. Very enthusiastic Taiwanese chap behind the media seating liked it.


Rotation Five

Kuzmin PH: falls

Zou Kai PB: tippelt, healy, diamadov, double pike, large step forward.

Ha Changiu (HB: yamawaki, kovas, rybalko, endo 1/1, tak ½, hop 1/1, 2/2 straight with a hop.

Mikhalitsyn PH: Gets through. Belarus need a 13.75 average or so to take Switzerland’s last place for the test event.

Guo Weiyang PB : peach, peach 1/2, double pike from swing, good dismount.

Choi Jin Sung HB : kolman, rybalko, tak 1/, endo, endo 1/1, hop 1/1, 1/1 double straight with a step

Bykau PH : hit I think

Zhang Chenglong PB: peach 1/2, peach 1/1, stuck double pike. Finals

Kim Soo Myun HB: kolman, hop 1/1, rybalko, tak 1/1 and goes the wrong way, yamwaki, endo 1/1, tak 1/2, stuck 2/2 straight

Tsarevich PH: hit routine. Belarus going well.

Teng Haibin PB: clean routine with a stuck dismount.

Kim Jihoon HB: hits, another kolman.

Likhovitskiy PH: another hit routine.

Feng Zhe PB: uprise double back, double back from suport, peach 1/2, peach, peach 1/1, straddle front 1 1/4, healy, gaint, double pike from swing, stuck double pike. Awesome pbars rotation from China.

Kim Seungil HB: kolman, stalder rybalko, tak 1/1 – yamawaki, ryablko, great landing on the 2/2 straight.

So with just one rotation of the qualifying process to go, it looks like Korea and China will join the top 8, and Belarus the top 16, meaning that Japan, China, Germany, the US, Korea, Romania, Ukraine and Russia book their tickets to London 2012 straight away and France, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Belarus and Italy go to the test event.


Rotation Six

Yang Hak Seon FX: randi (big jump back), straight Thomas, 1 ½ – rudi, Arabian – 1/1, 2 ½ – ½, triple twist (small step.

Guo Weiyang HB: weak yamwaki, stalder hop 1/1 to L )low), tak ½, tkatchev, falls on the 2/2 straight

Choi Jin Sung FX: 2/2 tuck, skips back, 1 ½ – 2/1 front, 2 ½ – 1/1, tucked thomas, double twist.

Teng Haibin HB: tak ½ goes wrong, straight tkatchev, stalder rybalko, tak 1/1 – low yamawaki, stalder 1/1 to mixed l, coaches touches on 1/1 to L, 2/2 straightstuck

Kim Jihoon FX: whip ½ – 2/1 twist and puts his hands down, 1 ½ – 1 ½, 2 ½ – front ½ (total got the bounce wrong and head near the floor), falls on his triple twist too

Zhang Chenglong HB: straight tkatchev – rybalko, tak 1/1 – yamwaki – very low, tak 1/2 – tkatchev, stuck 1/1 double straight dismount.

Kim Soo Myun FX: whip 1/2 – 2/1 twist, 1 1/2 – 1/1 – 1 1/2, 2 1/2 – front 1/2, straight thomas, triple twist.

Zou Kai HB: tak 1/2 – straigth tkatchev, rybalko, messy stalder rybalko, tak 1/1- yamwaki, low stalder 1/1 to mixed, endo 1/1 – layout jaeger, 2/2 straight with a step.

Kim Seungil FX: 2/1 twist – front 1/2, 1 1/2 – 1/1 – 1 3/4 front, tucked thomas, double twist, 2 1/2 twist.

Feng Zhe HB: tak 1/2 – straight tkatchev, tak 1/1 – poor yamwaki (the whole team do this low and piked), rybalko, 2/2 straight. Probably finishing behind the US.

Belarus having a good time on rings.

Thanks for joining us for the qualifications. See you for team finals, where anything can happen, and probably will!