2011 World Championships: WAG Qualifying, Subdivision 2

Tokyo: Subdivision 2 is about to start.

Rotation 1

Dina Madir (CRO) VT – straight yurchenko

Yarimar Medina (VEN) UB – jaeger, bail – shoot, double straight

Amelia Racea (ROU) BB – ff -1/1 tuck, solid, CL ½, free walkover – ff – tuck, johnson (slight balance check), CL leap, free cartwheel, side somie, 2 ½ twist 14.733

Reeta Pietilae (FIN) FX – double pike, straight front – pike front, double tuck to finish

Tina Erceg (CRO) VT – front 1/2

Franny Briceño (VEN) UB – clear 1/1 – geinger, jaeger, falls on double layout dismount

Diana Bulimar (ROU) BB – ff – whip, free walkover – ff – layout, falls on free cartwheel, CL – tuck back, ff – ff – double pike 14.066

Rosanna Ojala (FIN) FX – double pike open, double tuck finish

Tijana Tkalcec (CRO) VT – 1st: pike front 1/2 13.533 // 2nd: FTY

Ivet Rojas (VEN) UB – giant 1 ½ – pike jaeger, gienger, giant 1/1, bail, shoot, double front to bum.

Catalina Ponor (ROU) BB – CL ½, RO – straight back, onodi – ff – pike, CL – ff 1/1, free walkover – ff – layout, pike full-in (step forward) 15.00

Annika Urvikko (FIN) FX – big double Arabian, double tuck, straight front – straight 1/1, double pike step forward

Alexandra Choon (POR) VT – missed it

Johanny Sotillo (VEN) UB – jaeger, double front dismount 10.883

Ana Porgras (ROU) BB – ff –ff –straight, misses foot on CL ring and touches the beam, free walkover – sheep (very closed hips), free cartwheel, side somie, CL – tuck back, slightly soft knees in split jump – sissone, ff – ff – double pike (step) 14.400

Michelle Lauritsen (DEN) FX – double tuck, 1 ½, front 1/1.

Zoi Lima (POR) VT – FTY

Jessica López (VEN) UB – Hit routine. Jaegers, and a nice double front dismount. Coach thrilled and noisy cheering section are too. 13.966

Raluca Haidu (ROU) BB – silivas mount, ff – 1/1 stuck, free walkover, sheep jump, CL 1/2 (tentative), free cartwheel, CL – pike back, split jumps lacking in flexibility, ff – ff – double pike (large step)

Mia Furu (DEN) FX – similar to her compatriot, double tuck, double twist dismount. 11.666

Rotation 2

Reeta Pietilae VT – handspring front 12.866

Dina Madir UB – misses her gienger, pak, shoot

Maciel Peña BB – Nice layout mount, free walkover, ff – layout, CL leap – tuck back, after all that falls on a side somie, split jump 1/1 (short), split leap 1/1

Raluca Haidu FX – Zorba the Romanian. 1 ½ to short triple, full-in, double tuck (big hop), double pike 13.733

Rosanna Ojala VT – handspring pike front 13.133

Tjana Tkacec UB – cast 1/1, what looked like a Comaneci, falls on a toe on to HS, shoot front 1/2

Ivet Rojas BB – layout mount, free cartwheel, free walkover, ff – layout, CL – W jump, falls on a front

Diana Chelaru FX – full-in, whip triple (split legs), double tuck (big bounce), double pike, CL ½, double twist 14.233

Mia Furu VT – 1st: pike tsuk // 2nd: handspring front (stumble)

Zoi Lima UB – high piked jaeger but comes to grief on the low bar, shoot front ½ dismount

Fanny Briceño BB – another lovely layout mount, free walkover, fall on ff – layout, fall on CL leap, double tuck (?) dismount 10.066

Ana Porgras FX – lovely double layout, 2 ½ – front, beautiful double spin in split, double tuck, stunning leaps, double pike (huge bounce back and out of the area) 13.866

Michelle Lauritsen VT – 1st: handspring tuck front// 2nd: pike straight yurchenko

Alexandra Choon UB –

Jessica López BB – free walkover – ff – layout (every inch of the beam used), split jump 1/1, side somie, free cartwheel, 2 ½ twist

Diana Bulimar FX – double layout, 1 ½ to double pike, Johnson with a 1/1, full-in pike, double tuck/pike. The crowd like it. 14.400

Annika Urvikko VT – pike front ½

Tina Erceg UB – comaneci, jaeger, pak, clear to HS, double twist (stumble back)

Johanny Sotillo BB – layout mount, front somie, kickover front, tuck back, side somie, Johnson, free cartwheel, CL leap – W, CL ½, front 1/1. Over time and no acro series.

Catalina Ponor FX – falls out of the quad spin, double layout (slightly soft knees), two whips to piked full-in (step forward), triple twist (legs wild and largish step back) 14.200

Rotation 3

Ana Porgras VT – stuck FTY 13.900

Reeta Pietilae UB – piked jaeger, stalder, bail, falls on a turning circle skill on the low bar 8.800

Dina Madir BB – valdez (nice to see), side somie, big break on a spin, off on front tuck, front 1/1

Yarimar Medina FX – front to double tuck (jumps back OOB), 2 ½, double twist, double pike

Diana Chelaru VT – DTY, wild legs 14.633

Mia Furu UB – bail, clear, toe on to HS, 1 ½ twist

Zoi Lima BB – ff – layout, tuck back (big wobble), kickover front, Johnson, front 1/1 dismount

Ivet Rojas FX – 2 ½ – front, double tuck, double pike big jump back.

Amelia Racea VT – DTY, lost leg form

Michelle Lauritsen UB – gienger, bail, double pike

Alexandra Choon BB – free walkover (biggish wobble), ff- layout, CL – tuck back, sheep jump, off on a side somie (too low), off on split spin, gainer pike off the end.

Fanny Briceño FX – Missed first tumble, huge double tuck, 1 ½ twist, double pike (step oob) 11.100

Raluca Haidu VT – DTY, step forward

Tjana Tkalcec BB – tuck back, pause, ff, CL, pike back, front tuck (low), Johnson, gainer pike off the end.

Maciel Peña FX – double tuck, 1 ½ – front layout, double twist, double pike.

Catalina Ponor VT – big DTY, nearly stuck 14.766

Annika Urvikko UB – shap – bail – clear full (which went the wrong way, through L –grip), jaeger, invert to double front

Tina Erceg BB – free walkover, side somie, ff – layout, free cartwheel, nice side roll low to the beam, rudi dismount.

Jessica López FX – full-in, lovely whip-triple, 3 ½ spin, double pike (slight hop back), 2 ½ twist. Possibly the biggest crowd reaction of the day so far.

Rotation 4

The end of warm-up music is rather sinister, to my mind.

Fanny Briceño VT – FTY

Diana Bulimar UB – off on her opening shap, clear 1/1 – tkatchev, bail, full-in 12.433

Mia Furu BB – side somie, fall on front, front 1/1 to finish

Alexandra Choon FX – high double tuck with a huge bounce out of it, double twist, front 1/1

Ivet Rojas VT – FTY, huge jump back

Raluca Haidu UB – piked stalder 1/1, gienger between the bars, jaeger, bail, giant 1/1, full-in. 18.833

Michelle Lauritzen BB – fall on free cartwheel, tuck back, very poor jumps (no split), gainer pike

Zoi Lima FX – double pike, 1 ½ – front 1/1, 2 ½ twist

Maciel Peña VT – FTY stuck

Amelia Racea UB – toe on HS, shoot, stalder 1 ½ (below the bar) – jager, stalder 1/1 – bail – shoot, double front dismount 13.666

Rosanna Ojala BB – fall on ff-layout. CL, tuck back, fall on double tuck dismount.

Dina Madir FX – double tuck, front to 1/1, 1 ½ twist

Jessica López VT – FTY, bounce back, 13.566

Ana Porgras UB – toe on HS – stalder 1 ½ jager, stalder 1/1 – bailt (lost back) shoot, falls on double straight. 12.666

Annika Urvikko BB – fall on ff-layout, side somie, free cartwheel, front somie, double back to nose.

Tijana Tkacec FX – Interesting middle pass – whip-whip ½ – front 1/1

Yarimar Medina VT – FTY

Diana Chelaru UB – gienger between the bars, jaeger, bail- stalder shoot, double layout (split and bent legs). 13.533

Reeta Pietilae BB – front, side somie, L spin, ff – layout, high CL leap, tuck back, sheep jump, good double tuck. Nice routine.

Tina Erceg FX – double back to open, 1 ½ – front 1/1, 2 ½ twist, double pike to close.

AA standings so far:

Haidu 56.465

Porgras 54.832

Lopez 54.731

Maksiuta 52.915

Serna 52.732