2011 World Championships: WAG Qualifying, Subdivision 1

Tokyo: Women’s qualifications at the 2011 World Championships  is about to start.

Subdivision 1

In a very Japanese take on the usual marching to apparatus, the gentlemen walking the gymnasts round have rather excellent costumes and an excellent marching action, and the gymnasts are instructed to bow to the judges before competing.

Rotation 1

Karla Salazar (MEX) VT – FTY – 13.3666

Thelma Hermannsdottir (ISL) UB – fall on stalder shoot to HB, repeats and stops, double tuck dismount

Salma Mohamed (EGY) BB – free walkover, fall, front 1/1 dismount

Valeria Maksyuta (ISR) FX – double layout stuck, full-in dismount (5.8D, 13.583)

Ana Lago (MEX) VT – FTY

Nancy Taman (EGY) BB – leap mount, flic – layout, free cartwheel, front 1/1 dismount.

Roni Rabinovitz (ISR) FX – 2 ½ – straight front (squat), double pike (jump), 2/1, double tuck

Yessenia Estrada (MEX) VT – 1 ½ TY and a few steps back

Agnes Suto (ISL) UB – fall on geinger

Sherine El Zeiny (EGY) BB – heavy knee strapping, but clean routine.

Alexa Moreno (MEX) VT – 1st: rudi, nice (14.633) // 2nd: tsuk 1/1.

Ana Sofía Gómez (GUA) UB – nice lines, clear jaeger.

Paula Mejías (PUR) BB – solid front tuck, fall on ff-tuck back, double tuck dismount

Jana Sikulova (CZE) FX – high double front mount, double pike dismount.

Elsa García (MEX) VT – 1st: 1.5TY, tucked down and sat down // 2nd

Alexa Grande (GUA) UB – high jaeger, slightly unusual wide feet in the toe on to HS, full-in (fall)

Thelma Williams (TRI) FX – triple twist to backward roll. Jazzy music, 2 ½ twist, double tuck (fall) (10.00)

Monica Yool (GUA) UB – giant 1/1, gienger (split legs) tkatchev, jaeger, bailt – shoot to hb, ½ – ½ dismount.

Rotation 2

Roni Rabinovitz VT – FTY, slightly piked.

Karla Salazar UB – jaeger, nicely landed double front.

Dominiqua Belanyi BB – ff – layout (bent back leg), CLleap – tuck back, side aerial, gainer pike dismount

Nancy Taman FX – 2 ½ twist, front through to 1/1, rudi, double tuck

Kristyna Palesova VT – FTY

Ana Lago UB – pak, clean dismount

Agnes Suto BB – side aerial, fall.

Sherine El Zeiny FX – double spin at horizontal, whip to back tuck (went wrong), double pike, balked on another tumble, knee seems to be causing her problems.

Jana Sikulova VT – Something went wrong on her FTY, did a RO – 1/1 over the vault and crunched into the floor. You could hear her in pain from across the arena.

Alexa Moreno UB – clear circle hecht, piked delchev, bail – shoot, loses herself on a half turn and ends up falling, giant 1/1, ½ – ½.

Ana Sofia Gomez BB – ff – 1/1 (Nice save), CL leap – pie back, split jump – w jump, CL ½, free walkover, tuck back, Johnson, ff –ff – 2 ½ (slightly straight-legged landing)

Paula Mejías FX – nice Arabian double opener, high double back (bounced out) to finish

Thema Williams VT – straight yurchenko

Marisela Cantu UB – piked jager, tkatchev, giant 1/1, falls on the bottom bar, stuck double front dismount

Alexa Grande BB – falls right off the bat, tentative leaps, ff – layout (fall), free walkover, tuck back, side somie (fall), Johnson (low, wobble), ff – 2/1 twist (incomplete) 8.966

Salma Mohamed FX – 1 ½ – front ½, double twist, double tuck (hands down) 11.300

Valeria Makystua VT – 1st DTY, bit round the side and possibly not completed (14.166) // 2nd HS pike front 1/1, bit deep on landing (13.866).

Elsa García UB – giant 1 ½ piked jaeger, ray, double front (small step) 12.666

Monica Yool BB – free walkover, nice ff l layout, CL – pike back, side somie, split jump – w jump, Johnson, side aerial, RO – 2/1 twist

Thelma Hermannsdottir BB – off on a front tuck mount, high front tuck, ff – layout (bent legs), CL leap – w jump, tuck back, 1/1 spin with leg at horizontal (or not!), Johnson, front 1/1 dismount.

Rotation 3

Nancy Taman VT – straight tsuk 13.100

Kristyna Palesova UB – stalder 1/1, jaeger, bail- shoot, stalder, tkatchev, double layout 13.166

Marisela Cantu BB – ff – layout, tour jete, side aerial, free walkover, RO – 2/1 twist.

Agnes Suto FX – double tuck, front 1/1 – front tuck, double twist. Performing to Michael Jackson, perhaps it should be retitled ‘Agnes are you ok?’ 11.200

Paula Mejías VT – tsuk 1/1 13.666, VT 2: tuck front ½ 13.333

Jana Sikulova UB – scratched

Ana Lago BB – front, ff – layout, side aerial, split leap 1/1, standing Arabian (!), CL leap, split jump, double tuck nearly stuck 13.766

Ana Sofía Gómez FX – high full-in, triple twist fully round, 2 ½ – punch front, high double tuck. Lovely gymnast! 12.700 – she had quite unstable landings

Sherine El Zeiny VT – FTY, just around. Remarkable given the knee is clearing causing problems. 12.70

Thema Williams UB – basic routine, double pike dismount

Karla Salazar BB – ff – layout, solid, free cartwheel – free walkover, side somie, fall on a spin (I think), double tuck dismount

Alexa Grande FX – looked like a double layout mount, but only caught it from the corner of my eye, double tuck, 2 ½ twist. 11.866

Salma Mohamed VT – pike/straight yurchenko 12.300

Valeria Maksyuta UB – giant 1 ½, has to reverse direction on a front toe to HS, jaeger, only (!) ½ out of the double front.

Elsa García BB – CL ½, broken leap connection and unfortunately repeated one of them so no requirement, free cartwheel, side somie, ff – pike back (fall), free walkover, CL ring, 1/1 spin at horizontal, double tuck (step and a bit close) 12.433

Monica Yool FX – double pike (OOB, big hop), 2 ½ – front, double tuck 12.033

Roni Rabinovitz UB – wild jaeger technique, stalder 1/1, bail, missed what she did to dismount. 12.300

Yessenia Estrada BB – 1 ½ turn in tuck stand, CL – pike back, free walkover – tuck back, free cartwheel, side somie, CL ½ (not enough turn), RO – double pike. 13.166

Thelma Hermannsdottir FX – tango music, double pike (OOB), front 1/1, 2 ½ twist 11.133

Rotation 4

Ana Sofía Gómez VT – DTY, a little raged

Paula Mejías UB – geinger, struggles on her front giant and her turns, fontaine dismount

Kristyna Palesova BB – free walkover, sheep jump, simple dismount.

Ana Lago FX – full-in, double L turn, double twist, gogean that looked like it might be round, nicely landed double pike

Alexa Grande VT – FTY (pikey) 13.433

Salma Mohamed UB – bail – shoot to HB, giant 1/1, twisting dismount 11.033

Thema Williams BB – good flexibility, ff – layout, aerial, fall on front, cl – tuck back, double twist dismount

Karla Salazar FX – full-in, triple twist, 1 ½ – front 1/1, double tuck and bounces out of the area. 12.000

Monica Yool VT – FTY (a bit wild)

Nancy Taman UB – gaint 1/1 – tkatchev, bail and hits feet on the floor, stops and then jumps off, double twist dismount

Valeria Maksyuta BB – RO – Layout, free walkover, split jump 1/1, side somie, split leap 1/1, RO – double pike

Yessenia Estrada FX – running double front, 1 ½ – front layout (head-brusher), double tuck (jump, OOB), gogean attempt, double pike.

Thelma Hermannsdottir VT – handspring front tuck (knees apart)

Sherine El Zeiny UB – Maloney – bail – toe on 1/1, toe ½ – jaeger. Unfortunately, tucked her double back dismount.9.533

Roni Rabinovitz BB – free walkover, ff – tuck back, side somie, CL leap – w jump, free cartwheel, CL ring leap (front leg low), sheep jump 21/2 twist 13.266

Elsa García FX – stuck full-in, triple spin, nice Arabian double, 2 ½ – front layout (was crashed in warm-ups) double pike. First routine to get the crowd really going. Very nice. 13.966 (5.7D)

Agnes Suto VT – straight yurchenko 12.766

Jana Sikulova BB – scratch

Alexa Moreno FX – We’re on our way to Hogwarts! Full-in (big bounce back), arabian double (stumbles), 2 1/2 – front, stuck double pike. More Ron than Hermione…

AA standings:

Maksiuta 52.915

Ana Serna 52.732

Gomez Porras 52.450

Palesova 52.232

Garcia 51.998